Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Carnival of Blog Translation: October

The Carnival of Blog Translation lapsed over the summer, so I'd like to start it up again here.

Please send your translations of any blog entry from September or October, from any language into any other language. Here's an explanation of the concept, and a link to the first Carnival back in February. And here's more: March 2006 on Em Duas Linguas, April on The Bitter Scroll, May 2006 on Sauvage Noble, and the (alas!) fizzling end in June is on Diacritiques.

At the end of October, I'll sum up all the entries and link to your blog and to the original blog. The idea is so nice - I think with more care and feeding, it can continue. I'll keep hosting it here on the ALTA site, by default, until someone comes forward and asks to host the next one.

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Jeanette said...

Why not use an automatic blog translation service like Angsuman's Translator Pro for WordPress?