Friday, October 20, 2006

ALTA conference: Publishing translations in journals

Notes on "Facing Pages I: Publishing Translations in Journals", moderated by Carolyn Wright.

Dwayne Harris spoke briefly about Absinthe: New European Writing.

Joyelle McSweeney, editor of Action Yes. Action Books, poetry and translation press. Action Yes, a quarterly, is the online arm. The phrase is a good example of Global English. Inflection rather than conventional syntax. Sets the tone, hyper, very present and alive in the world. Hybrid forms, international writing. It's not a facing text but it's a rollover technology that you can toggle. You can print out and you get a facing page printout. You cna toggle between contributor notes, source and target language, and artwork or visual information, using the tech to avoid polarization or binary construction of translation and texts.

(Wow! Fabulous!)

"The sense of excerpt" - you might be reading a complete work but you have a strong sense of the information being incomplete. Estrangement, defamiliarization, vertigo. What is appearing to you in its original language and which is a translation? english starts to look unfamiliar.

Manifesto! For poetry that goes too far. Taking negatives about translation and claim it as something that is the power of translations. Turn those threats into promises. Unleash the positive potential. Action statement. "hybridity, entropy, inflammation." "translation teaches us to read adventurously." "the quest for sincerity is like the quest for a perfect lawn." "the cult of eloquence is eugenic."

Hooray! This makes me want to jump around laughing! It's great.

Editor for Circumference. Stefania and Jennifer. People talk about the risk of printing the original poem - that then speakers of that language can critique your translation. Well, that's exactly the point. Translation is about dialogue and we want to be part of a conversation. So it's central to our mission. Now moving to Center for Literary Translation - Columbia school for the arts - Words without Borders. There are short homophonic translations as experiments in every issue, inviting our readers to translate by sound.

eXchanges - Becka Mara McKay spoke about the online journal from the University of Iowa. It began as a print magazine in 1989 & became defunct, because it was so expensive. in 2003 Chris Merrill decided that grad students could revive it online. Each issue has a theme. Our Flash entry page is important to the journal, its theme, and the interpretations. "Sweet and sour". It's nice to have something for grad students to put on their CVs. (!) The editors find someone who speaks the source language to help with editing.

Martha Collins talked about Field and their guidelines. 2-6 poems at a time, please don't send more. Send the originals. Give a sense, too, of who the poet is. Each fall there's a symposium of 6-7 poets writing about a poet or poem. In spring there are reviews.

Carolyne Wright spoke about her magazine, but I didn't catch the name of it. [Artful Dodger?] Carolyne asks for stuff to be submitted by email to her personal address, as a word document.

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