Monday, October 16, 2006

Composite #3: Forough Farrokhzad issue

composite #3 under construction
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I'll be bringing lots of copies of Composite #3 to the ALTA conference! It's smaller than past issues, but there are 6 different fantastic translations of "Ghoneh", or "Sin", by Forough Farrokhzhad, with a brief introduction by Sholeh Wolpé, who was kind enough to guest edit.

I get very excited every time I make a new little magazine. It's been way too long! There's something about doing it the "old-fashioned" punk rock way with scissors, tape, transparencies, xeroxing, light boxes, scribbling in pen, that I just don't get from Pagemaker or Quark Express. So, keep that in mind -- the slapdash crookedness is part of the aesthetic. Also, it makes it possible for me to layout, pasteup, and print an entire zine in about 6 hours. (Folding and stapling will be a much longer process, though.)

The past issues of Composite are almost sold out. I printed 400 copies of #1, then another 500 copies, and they're all gone. With #2, I started at 400 copies and then made 200 more. I think I should just print 800 or 1000. They cost me, well, I'm not sure how much, but probably around 25-50 cents per copy. I give most of them away, and charge 1 to 2 dollars for the rest, just to cover the cost of xeroxing and printout.

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C. M. Mayo said...

Liz, congrats on all you are doing! I am so sorry I'll miss you at ALTA this year. Well, then, it's been almost a year since, at our meeting in Montreal, you inspired me to launch myself into the Blogosphere. And I'm still blogging. Blog on! And bon voyage!