Friday, September 22, 2006

Spanish dictionaries in Firefox toolbar

If you translate from Spanish and use the online DRAE this will make you scream with joy. From Jorge Letralia, a sweet little tool that adds two authoritative and useful dictionaries to your Google Toolbar in Firefox.

I use the DRAE and Diccionario panhispanica de dudas all the time, and now here is a handy tool that lets me avoid the very slow page load and clunky interface of their online search pages. No dictionary could contain the cuss words that I have uttered as I click around laboriously on that web site, which of course I appreciate very much for its being free and useful, and yet... it has also been a source of daily frustration for me for the last few years.

Thanks a million, Jorge!

Now if we wanted to get really slick, one search would return results from both dictionaries, and just label their sources.

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