Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ALTA's 29th Conference in Bellevue One Month Away!

The program for the 2006 ALTA conference in Bellevue Washington has been completed, thanks to very hard work by members of the host committee, and has been sent off for layout and printing. A number of changes have occured to the program since the preliminary program was posted, and we also have the mainland Chinese FITS General Secretary coming to speak about the FITS translator conference in Shanghai in 2008! The bilingual readings have been set up, thanks to the hard work of Alexis Levitin, and integrated into the program. It wouldn't surprise me if this conference had the widest variety of world languages represented! Deadlines for discounted hotel reservations are coming up soon, as well as the deadline for early-bird registration, so look at www.literarytranslators.org today.

I will be host committee chair for one more month, and then the baton will be passed to the Dallas ALTA office, which will host the 30th annual conference near their headquarters in Dallas. Information on that conference should be available by the time the 29th conference convenes. Contact the Dallas office via the website if you are willing to host literary translators in your area in the upcoming years.

ALTA and the ALTA 2006 Host Committee would like to welcome you to Bellevue, Washington next month.

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Liz Henry said...

I can't wait. The conference is always a lot of fun for me, especially the bilingual readings. I wanted to organize the podcasting of the readings this year, but did not get enough response from members; so I might just record and podcast the sessions I go to.

Maybe next year we can drum up support and interest to do bilingual podcasts. It is honestly not that difficult and would be a wonderful promotion for the conference itself.