Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Canadian/Caribbean to Chinese; Australian/US to Hebrew (or not)

I came across an interesting post and comment thread today on Nalo Hopkinson's blog. Two of her science fiction novels, Brown Girl in the Ring and Midnight Robber are going to be translated into Chinese, and there was some discussion of how the creoles in the book will be handled - including a "mashup of Trinidadian and Jamaican".

Comments in this post let me to another sf writer's blog, where Justine Larbalestier discusses (with some disappointment and puzzlement) the fact that an Israeli literary agent said her novel was untranslatable into Hebrew:

So far, the book has sold to Taiwan, France and Thailand. I confess I have been wondering how those translations were going to get around the linguistic play in the book between Australian and USian English. Especially as I don’t speak any of those languages and don’t know much about them. Didi reckons a French translation could make use of Quebecois French.

I thought that ALTA readers might find it interesting to jump into one of those discussions! Especially anyone translating into/from Chinese, Hebrew, dialect, or creoles...

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