Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A funny translation from English to Lolcat

If you don't understand lolcat, Anil Dash's "I can has grammar" might help.

Once you have that as a foundation, Francis Heaney's translation to this version of "This is just to say" is very funny!
oh hai
you had some plums
but I eated them
I is sorry

they had a flavor

Thanks Francis, that made my day! And I love The Holy Tango of Literature by the way.


Anonymous said...

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Francis said...

Hi, Liz! Glad I made your day. I wanted to write more, but the subject matter of most poems veer too far from the day-to-day concerns of cats. I mean, "oh noes, they be loosing mere anarky upon tha world"? There's just nowhere to go from there.