Friday, June 30, 2006

Text messages on cell phones

Chris at Diacritique, a bilingual French/English blog, has an interesting post about interpreting a cryptic message from his landlady:
Pocket go big bag on kitchen floor can be pulled off stems and 10 mins soak go cold water will revive it

It's a cool example of translating with context (and likely mistakes) in mind!

I see text-message Spanish all over the net, usually featuring "k" for que, and similiar substitutions that are easy to type on a cell phone.


Paul Davidson said...

That reminds me of how much I hated trying to use my cell phone for typing and deciphering messages in Canada.

Then I moved to Japan. Wow, is it ever easier to text-message in Japanese than in English (or French, I suppose). Japanese cellphones have really good phrase-guessing and learn from your typing habits. Japanese syllabics are also better suited to the limited number-pad than the Latin alphabet. There's no need for clipped sentences or bad grammar, since Japanese syntax already omits as much as possible.

Pat said...

There's an interesting related post on cellphone txting at Language Hat: "Why Book means 'Cool'".

ps., Chris is a she ;)

Anonymous said...

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